We were asked to share this with you .....

We all know Polyester Fibre Fill is used as soft toy, doll and cushion stuffing material.

This picture shows a different use for it.

Willie Wagtail nest !

To explain to our International visitors, Willie Wagtails are dear little 'busy' birds. Black with a white chest, under area and eyebrows. They are well named with their long tails 'wagging' quickly from side to side.

After watching this pair trying to pull twines from the door mat I had an idea ! I went to my stash ( as you do ) found what I was looking for and proceeded to scatter little pieces of Polyester Fibre Fill around. Cheeky as you like, one Willie Wagtail was busy collecting some in it's beak while I was still standing there.

The result ! a perfectly sculptured nest attached to an over hanging vine right in front of my worktable window outside the workshop. Now there are three tiny babies all enjoying their soft as a cushion nest ( all the comforts of home )