Beverley ( Canadian lady ) requesting addresses to web sites showing patterns available to purchase where some of our buttons have been added. Please email us again if you did not receive the email reply we sent in response to your inquiry. In regard to the other question you asked, we need a little more information in order to provide you with details of stores close to you selling our buttons.
Thank you for your kind words ! They are much appreciated :-)


There are quite a few products we released throughout 2009. Although they have been available in stores in different countries since their release, due to our work load during 2009, the year passed without them being added to our web site. Now they are there and can be seen on the different pages. We hope you like them !

A new range ( including some totally different products ) is due to be released early 2010.Our New Years resolution ! make sure they are added to the web site soon after their release ( unlike 2009 )


We were asked to share this with you .....

We all know Polyester Fibre Fill is used as soft toy, doll and cushion stuffing material.

This picture shows a different use for it.

Willie Wagtail nest !

To explain to our International visitors, Willie Wagtails are dear little 'busy' birds. Black with a white chest, under area and eyebrows. They are well named with their long tails 'wagging' quickly from side to side.

After watching this pair trying to pull twines from the door mat I had an idea ! I went to my stash ( as you do ) found what I was looking for and proceeded to scatter little pieces of Polyester Fibre Fill around. Cheeky as you like, one Willie Wagtail was busy collecting some in it's beak while I was still standing there.

The result ! a perfectly sculptured nest attached to an over hanging vine right in front of my worktable window outside the workshop. Now there are three tiny babies all enjoying their soft as a cushion nest ( all the comforts of home )


Often we hear from people who find our buttons in stores in different countries. Maarit in Finland, thank you for your lovely comments ! You invited us to visit your web site and unfortunately we were unable to access it. Emails we tried to send to you bounced back. Cecile in Belgium , Michele in the UK and Christine in France.... unfortunately your emails also bounced back to us.This has happened quite a please if you haven't received an answer from us...we have replied ..but they have bounced back... PLEASE email us direct .... ( not via our web site contact page ) We would love to visit your web sites !


A totally unpleasant 'topic' we know :-(

This posting is in answer to the questions and comments we have received regarding the following two related problems...

A big big thank you for all the emails of concern we received informing us of this issue. Amazing it was so recognisable as 'one of ours' even with it's detailing removed.

We are very fortunate to now have within our family legal advise and support. We are happy to say, the issue was resolved and the copy removed from the web sites (supplier's and on sellers )

In reply to emails where we are asked about look alike copying seen within the different effects throughout our products. This is the result of us seeing, mimicking and passing on to others programming work information we have spent years developing to produce these effects.We assume concept copying is seen to be how this is justified.